Becs Richards

Becs Richards is a transfeminist artist, journalist, and activist. In all the work that they do, Becs is passionate about the relationship between trans and queer art and social movements. They studied Sociology and Theatre at Seattle University, and presented an undergraduate honors thesis titled "Performing Resistance: Creative Practice for Collective Liberation" in 2016. They began their journalistic pursuits while living in Berlin. After attending events that lacked press coverage and seeing the need for comprehensive radical arts criticism, they started writing for Azucar Mag. They are currently a member of Deconstruct Collective, a group of artists and academics committed to intersectional analysis and peer review of cross-disciplinary performance. Most of their additional creative work has been in Seattle writing for The Seattle Times and Seattle Weekly, djaying at Hollow Earth Radio, teaching at TeenTix, creating experimental paintings and music, coordinating events for the Capitol Hill Art Walk, and freelancing as a scenic painter and designer with Washington Ensemble Theatre, Book-It Repertory Theatre, The Lee Center for the Arts, and the Seattle theatre community at large.